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Tom Borthwick Jr. has been in the jewelry business for over 24 years, providing jewelry redesign and repair services for Whatcom County and Canada. Borthwick Jewelry supports the Clean Diamond Act and is not in support of conflict or black market diamonds sourced from war torn countries.

Tom Borthwick has completed four jewelry repair course to ensure that your repair is done right and stays in the store. We also have a jeweler that has been doing repair work for over 40 years that we trust to help Tom on the rare occasion he is swamped.

''I am committed to providing low priced services, and believe customer service is the most important thing in developing customer relationships. If you are fair and honest people will continue to choose Borthwicks and refer their friends and family''.

Borthwick jewelry is committed in helping his community. We donate to over 30 charities yearly.


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