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    It takes more than traditional education to understand and help people with life issues. You have to live and understand the conditions. Not all possess the life experiences that I bring to the table.

    I was born in Portugal and raised in Montreal, Canada. As a single mother I not only raised my daughter without financial support but also found time to start many successful businesses and on the side study at Concordia University and the University of Montreal.

    Outwardly I was the poster child of success. Inwardly, however, I struggled with phobias and anxieties. When traditional medicine failed, I turned to many alternative therapies and found that hypnotherapy was the key for me. My life long fears miraculously resolved! Subsequently I have been forever driven to learning all there is to know about the art of hypnotherapy. I initially trained as a hypnotherapist under Jami Engholm at Bellingham Technical College. Jami has been teaching for many years. Jami has in depth knowledge in the art of hypnotherapy and possesses great empathy and understanding of the human mind. I then further studied the masters under the direction of Mr. Roy Hunter's teachings and have used this knowledge to help countless people resolve their personal issues.

    I am licensed in the state of Washington and certified by the "Medical and Dental Association" and with the "International Professional Alliance of Therapists and Hypnotherapy". My intent is to help you achieve your goals through discovering the power of your subconscious mind.